Never Poke a Tiger with an Umbrella

In an earlier post, I mentioned my collection of notebooks and journals.  I was browsing through one of my travel journals earlier, and I came upon this entry from a trip to England:

8:30 pm      13 August 1996

This morning we visited Malmesbury, where we visited a quaint little church.  A neat thing about one of the gravestones there - on it is printed:

In Memory of


Who Died October 23rd 1703

Aged 33 Years

In bloom of Life

She's snatched from hence,

She had not room

To make defence;

For Tyger fierce

Took Life away.

And here she lies

In a bed of Clay,

Until the Resurrection Day.

As the story goes, she poked the tiger in its cage with her umbrella.  Somehow the tiger got out and managed to attack her.  People do get what they ask for!

The entry seems fitting  to share given the date of Ms. Twynnoy's untimely death.  And I think we can all take a valuable lesson from this: Never poke a tiger with an umbrella!

Anyone else have some sage gravestone advice?