Robin 'Hood

A few years ago, a Momma Robin built a lovely nest in our entryway window, and raised a single brood of chicks there.  Unlike many robins, she only had one clutch of eggs (they usually have up to 3).  Although a robin's nest only has a 40% chance of success, we watched Momma raise three fledglings until they could fly on their own.  Then, Momma Robin left her empty nest and didn't return.  I didn't have the heart to take down the nest, and it blew away in a particularly violent Mid-West storm the following spring. 

The corner of our window has been empty for the past 4 years.  Until one day, at the beginning of April, when we noticed some activity outside our window.  The robins were back and busy building their new nest.  Since only half the robins survive from year to year, and the population turns over every 6 years, I doubt the birds are the same.  So, I've named our new mom Mrs. Robinson. 


Just before Easter, we noticed little blue eggs in the nest.  There were three, but one didn't survive.  Mrs. Robinson tucked her eggs in tightly, so it was hard to get a good picture.  But, yay for naturally bright blue Easter eggs!

ImageWe were gone for vacation for a week, and when we came back, Mrs. Robinson's brood had hatched.  She's been busy feeding them, and keeping them warm and safe during our cold and windy weather.  The poor little ones are still mostly skin and bone, but some soft grey feathers are making an appearance. 


This morning, I was lucky enough to catch Mrs. Robinson preparing worm du jour.  Yummy!

ImageSo blessed and excited to be able to witness something so incredible.  Nature is pretty darn awesome. 

If you want to learn more about robins, check out this informative website from Cornell University.