It's rough and unedited but...

This happened:

ImageI just typed those words into a manuscript I've tentatively titled EASY MARK.  I immediately let out a huge sigh of relief, took a swig of coffee, and hit save about a bazillion times.  I then copied the final few chapters into a separate document and e-mailed them to my preliminary beta-reader-extraordinaire for comments.

And, assuming the feedback is good, it's done...mostly.  I have to go back in and add a few plot twists and some foreshadowing, work on my main characters' witty banter, and delve into the less fun (but entirely necessary) task of editing.  But, as far as I'm concerned, I've finished 'writing' my latest manuscript. 

Over the next two weeks or so, I hope to get EASY MARK into good enough condition to share with a group of beta readers.*  I am currently looking for volunteers, so if you have some time to lend in February 2014 and are interested in reading a contemporary new adult (NA)** novel involving pickpocketing, jewel heists, and con jobs (a la Robin Hood), let me know.  I'm looking mostly for constructive criticism, plot holes, and things that make you go 'huh?'  Grammar/punctuation catches are a plus.


* Beta readers: people willing to read a manuscript and offer feedback out of the kindness of their hearts.

** New Adult: covers characters/situations in the not-a-kid-anymore but not-quite-an-adult-yet realm (18-24 yr old range).