The Scarecrow - A Halloween Preview

2014 - The Year of the Scarecrow I opted to break free of the animal theme this year. Previously, the little guy was a lion and a puppy (see below). Right now, he's a toddler who goes non-stop, so I needed something he could run, jump, and play in, and wouldn't be difficult to get on and off quickly. The kidlet also tends to have a growth spurt right before Halloween, so I needed an outfit that would be easy to adjust in case he decided to sprout a few more inches overnight.

I didn't build the scarecrow costume from scratch. I wanted it to be comfortable, so I found inexpensive sweatpants and a thermal shirt to use as a base. I used fabric scraps for the patches and I made a chunky, funky hat out of a few sheets of brown felt. The straw fringe was made from strips of wheat-colored felt.


Scarecrow- 2014

When I decided to make a scarecrow costume for the little guy, I didn't realize that I was heading down the Yellow Brick Road. A lion, a dog, and a scarecrow? Oh, my! I don't have plans to dress him up as the tin man or the wizard for future Halloween's, but you never know...

2013 - The Year of the Puppy

For his second Halloween, I made him a puppy costume. Or at least, that's what it was supposed to be. I guess I can see why a lot of people mistook him for a cow. I didn't have a whole lot of fabric options to pick from.


2012 - The Year of the Lion

For the little guy's first Halloween, he was a lion. I made him a costume that I loved so much - plush velour, golden mane. And it would have been awesome if he hadn't had a growth spurt the week before Halloween. I went back to the sewing room, and came up with an emergency replacement.