5 Days of Christmas Crafts: Day 4 - Cork Board Christmas Tree

On the fourth day of crafting, My project was to be:

A pushpin and floss Christmas tree.


This is a perfect project for an old cork board and pushpins you might have hanging around. I think it would also work well in cubicle land, if you want to spruce up your space (pun intended). This craft is a lot like elementary/middle school shop class, where we would hammer nails into small boards and then use string to fill in the designs, except here, I've used colored pushpins instead of nails.

To make the Cork Board Christmas Tree, you will need:

A cork board


Embroidery floss or colored string

Fabric backing (optional)


I started with a basic framed cork board that needed a good dusting, and then added a white felt background to resemble snow and help the design pop. I used straight pins to tack the edges, but you can see (if you look closely) that it's slipping around the edges. You can always use pushpins or cover the edges with a bit of ribbon if you want a perfect edge, or you can just do a better job of cutting the backing.

SONY DSCNext, I started laying out my design with the pushpins. You can either use a pattern or free-pin it. I free pinned it, and played with the location of the pins until I was happy with the layout. I use a bit of thread to test it out, and if you look closely, you can see that the location, color, and number of pins in the pin-only design isn't exactly the same as in the finished project. But that's the great thing about this project: easy modifications. Although I didn't do this, you could also place randomly spaced pushpins inside the tree design to resemble ornaments.

SONY DSCWhen I was happy with the layout, I started wrapping the colored floss around the pushpins. I recommend starting with the trunk first, then outline the tree, and finish with the star last to prevent weird floss overlaps.

SONY DSCI chose to do a Christmas tree for my design, but there are plenty of others that would work just as well, depending on how simple or complex you want to be. Stars, wreaths, snowmen, snowflakes...the sky's the limit. I used pushpins and a cork board because that's what I had on hand, but you can use nails and wood, or whatever else you have available.

If you have any ideas on how to improve on this craft project or would like to share pictures of your Cork Board Christmas Tree or other design, please leave a comment.