It's About Thyme

I've been thinking about time today.  The kind of time you think about when you hit your thirty- *cough, cough* birthday, and you wonder to yourself, Self: what have I done with all those thirty- *cough, cough* years?  The pondering didn't last too long because deep reflections of that sort don't really mesh well with cake-smearing toddlers learning their ABCs.  And as I wiped up sticky fingers in the aftermath (see below), I decided I'm just getting started (look out world!).

ImageI've been spending a lot of time writing: technical and fiction.  I've really enjoyed keeping my chemistry synapses firing and working with a great group of people who push me to grow.  I've also been working on a new writing project that's about 2/3 complete and different from what I've done in the past.  I've also done a fair bit of reading, and I'll a bit ahead of my 1 book/week/year schedule.  I have to be a bit more creative of late since the little fellow doesn't seem to need sleep anymore, but it also makes me more productive because I have to work "cleaner" to get things done. 

As for the bird families in our yard, we've had some good and bad times.  Unfortunately, baby robins and Beagles are not good cohabitants.  If only they'd chosen to learn to fly on a day when the dogs weren't outside.  The good news, however, is that our Sparrow family finally build a sturdy nest and are raising a few happy chirp-ers.  I can't see them, but I hear them, and boy are they talkative.  I'm also pleased to report that our purple martins have three adorable little eggs in the birdhouse they call home.  I wanted to take a picture but there's just not a good angle for the camera to snap a non-blurry shot.

Which brings me round to this kind of thyme:

ImageOur garden is really taking off.  The cooler weather and consistent rain means we'll be enjoying fresh veggies in no time!  Hot banana peppers, anyone?