Let the edits begin

I haven't posted much about my writing lately because I've been focusing on writing my latest work-in-progress (WIP).  I finished up a super rough draft last week - a bare bones storyline - and then left it alone for a few days so I could look at it with fresh eyes.  I cut 15K words my first day of revisions, which isn't a small chunk of verbiage, by any means.  That's almost 20% of my first draft.  But, the flow of the story is better for it, and it's always possible that a line or two will be salvaged from the word heap and slipped back in at a better spot.  For those of you wondering, the previous excerpt I posted involving bacon has survived the cut. I'm about half-way through my first pass edits/fleshing out the story.  Right now, I'm focusing on making sure the dialogue is realistic and working out some kinks in the plot that developed over the course of the story.  For the first time, I'm working in Scrivener, and it's been great for my productivity.  I like how easy it is to move sections around and keep notes easily accessible.  As with the past few manuscripts I've written, I've had to do a lot of research to get my descriptions and facts straight.  I used to keep a notebook by my keyboard for reference, and while I do love my notebooks, I also like being able to have everything up on the computer screen, easily accessible where and when I need it most.  Plus, I'm a horrible artist, so it's nice to have photos to reference.  This WIP has me delving into botany, baseball, fortune telling, physics, and Portuguese food.  I'd be lost without my margin notes.  Here's a glimpse of what they look like:


Once I'm done adding details and witty banter (if I can pull it off), I'll go back and tackle my over-zealous use of adverbs and those pesky passive verbs.  I'd love to get a finished draft completed and in the hands of beta readers/critique-rs by mid-July.