Spring Snow? Say it Ain't So!

It is unseasonably cold.  After a week of spring-y weather, the temperatures dropped from the 70s to the low 50s during the day and I've turned the heat back on.  This morning, I woke up to snow.  The thick, wet, fluffy, what-on-Earth-it's-mid-May kind of snow.  It's the kind that leaves thick globs of slush on everything.  It's the same exact kind of snow that caused my college graduation to be moved inside in May, but that was Massachusetts and this is the Mid-West, and things should be different, right?  Oh, nature, you fickle friend! Or fiend.  I haven't decided.  It will depend on whether (or weather) the snow sticks. Image

Mrs. Robinson was up early gathering slushy-worms for her babies.  They have a lot more feathers and flesh, which I'm so happy about, especially given the weather.  It's too dark and dreary to snap a picture of them this morning, but here's one I took last night.  They are getting so big!!!


Birds of a Feather