5 Days of Christmas Crafts: Day 3 - Christmas Card Clothesline

On the third day of crafting, My project was to be:

A card display for all to see.

I'm a big fan of handwritten cards. There's something wonderful about reaching into the mailbox and pulling out an envelope that doesn't have anything to do with bills, or special offers, or account statements. While the digital age is great for fast communication and to-the-nanosecond updates, I cherish the time and effort that goes into sending a card or letter, so much so, that I save each and every one I receive in shoe boxes, sorted by year.

One of the best parts of Christmas for me are the cards. I'm always astounded by the variety of designs and I rarely get a duplicate. Even better is the fact that someone has sent me warm wishes. I love to display the cards, but they can take up a lot of room and one good draft usually causes a dominoes scenario resulting in a bunch of toppled cards. So this year, I decided to create a rustic chic display: a Christmas Card Clothesline.


To make the Christmas Card Clothesline, you will need:

Clothespins, wooden with springs (I got mine at the local dollar store)


String, twine, or "clothesline" cording

Permanent marker (optional)



I wanted to write "Merry Christmas" with my clothespins, so I painted 14 clothespins white.


Once the paint was dry, I used a red permanent marker to add the letters, but you could always paint them on instead.


Then, I clipped the clothespins to a gold cord with a gap of 1-1/2 inches in between the letters and a 3-inch gap between the words. I made knots in the cord on either side of the clothespin so that it wouldn't slip along the cord under the weight of the cards.


The finished Christmas Card Clothesline can be strung however you'd like. Plus, there are a ton of options for designs. Some ideas:

❄ Use other phrases: Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Winter Wonderland, etc.

❄ If you don't want to be limited by letters, decorate the clothespins with snowflakes, candy canes, stars, or paint them to look like presents.

❄ Or make it a year-round decoration by making decorating the clothespins in a holiday-neutral way. You could use your last name, or a family motto, or a favorite phrase. The possibilities are endless!

If you have any ideas on how to improve on this craft project or would like to share pictures of your Christmas Card Clothesline, please leave a comment.