New Year, New Post

It has been a whirlwind few months since the last time I posted, and I'm just now starting to feel like I have time to breathe again. Moving across the country from the Midwest to the West Coast is not for the faint of heart, and I'll be the first to tell you that selling a house from afar is a stressful, complicated experience. We settled into an apartment, keeping most of our stuff in storage, deciding to wait to find a new home until our old home was sold. I juggled mom-ing, consulting, writing, and house hunting.

The house we put on the market in May finally sold at the end of October. It was such a relief to be done with it, but then we decided it was time to find a place of our own again. The apartment was great, but it wasn't quite enough space for an active 3-year-old, and definitely not big enough for our animals (2 dogs and a cat).

We found the house of our dreams at the beginning of November, and after a month and a half of crazy paperwork and negotiations, we closed on our house. A week before Christmas.

We wanted to be out of the apartment and in the house by 2016, so we had a lot to get done in two weeks: packing, moving, unpacking, more moving, and prepping for the holidays.

We wanted our son to have a festive holiday, so two days before Christmas we showed up at Lowe's to get a tree. They had already closed down the tree lot, and there weren't many decorations left to pick from, but I think the staff felt bad for us. They reopened the tree lot so we could pick a tree, and even rustled up a few strands of lights and a tree stand for us (at a very generous discount). So, we ended up with a tree in an otherwise empty house. Despite its barren condition and lack of decorations, our son said it was the "best Christmas tree ever." After seeing the giant grin on his face, I'd have to agree.

We had most of our stuff moved over on Christmas Eve, and my father-in-law was here to watch the little guy while my husband and I got things as organized as we could. Unpacking was an adventure. I found Chemistry textbooks in a box labeled Christmas, and I'm not entirely sure why a mostly empty box of rice ended up in a box of shoes. While I unpacked, I thought about some of the edits I needed to make on a MS for my agent, and tried to work out some plot issues for another book I'm in the process of writing.

On New Year's Eve, the "missing vault" of items from our original move arrived, much to my relief, including: the wooden rocking horse my father made me; my hand-me-down Radio Flyer metal tricycle; a box labeled "fax machine" --which has me curious, since we have never actually owned a fax machine. What could it be?

I've been steadily working on edits the past few nights, and soon I'll have to get back into my consulting projects. I figure, if I tackle a few moving boxes a day, it won't feel so overwhelming.

There are so many exciting things happening this year: settling into our new house; writing projects; consulting projects; and new family memories in the making. I have a feeling 2016 is going to be an incredible year, and I can't wait to see what it brings!