Things in My Refrigerator

We currently have company visiting, and with a full house, we've asked everyone to make themselves at home. The only problem is that no one knows where we keep stuff. A recent conversation went a lot like this:

Aunt P: Where's the mayonnaise?

Me: In the fridge.

Dad: Where are the pickles?

Me: In the fridge.

Cousin JB: Do you have any lotion?

Me: In the fridge.

Everyone froze. I think they all thought I wasn't paying attention or maybe joking around (I'm not known for a stellar sense of humor).

With a confused look on his face, JB asked again, "Lotion?"

"In the fridge," I repeated. "On the door next to the sippy cup."

I admit, keeping lotion in the fridge is unconventional...especially next to an Elmo sippy cup. But two July's ago, when I was ready-to-burst pregnant and hotter than the dickens, fridge-lotion was a desperate attempt to keep cool. And it worked. Slathering on some icy lotion on a hot day is so soothing. It worked then, and it works just as well now. Hot day, slight sunburn, sore muscles? Fridge-lotion.

And the next time someone asks for lotion, you know what my answer will be. "Lotion? It's in the fridge." To the left of the ketchup, right behind the blueberries, and chilled to the perfect temperature.