Lucky Seven Post

 Heather Van Fleet, fellow writer and Twitter peep, tagged me for a Lucky Seven Post, so it looks like I'm "It."

The rules are pretty simple.  Go to page 7 or 77 of your current work-in-progress, go to line 7, and post the next 7 sentences or lines.  Then, you're supposed to pass it on to 7 more people (but I don't know 7 more people who haven't already been tagged, so I'm skipping that part).

My current WIP is really rough-in-progress, but it's getting there.  It features a leading lady, Cass, who's normally level-headed until she meets Tyler, her new next-door-neighbor.  Cue the awkwardness.  Here is the Lucky Seven excerpt for my exceptionally rough draft WIP: IN THE CARDS. 

"Oh, are you a vegetarian?  No, you had bacon for breakfast.  Maybe too much bacon then?  Which would make sense.  That's a lot of bacon...breakfast, dinner, dessert...except not really in the dessert because who uses pork fat to cook anymore?  Well, I'm sure some people do.  And lard.  I'm sure people use that, too.  Probably not great for cholesterol levels..."  Good heavens, maker her stop!  Why, why, why did her mouth have to run away like a horse stung on the rump by a wasp?

Tyler reached over and took the plate from her.  "Sounds delicious."

There you have it folks!  You read it here first.