Bread and Blankets

It's been a very busy week.  I feel like I have a to-do list that rivals Santa's naughty list...and I've been working like a North Pole elf trying to whittle it away.  The weather has helped significantly.  With windchill temperatures reaching -20 F and a few episodes of snow, I've had plenty of excuses to stay inside and get to it.

It's no wonder that the temperature has me baking and knitting.  It's the right time of year for it.

I've been wanting to try my hand at Anadama Bread for awhile, and I had the perfect excuse this week: hubby's in China, we got snow, neighbor cleared my driveway.  A "thank you" loaf was in order. 

ImageThe recipe was pretty easy, and kneading the dough for 10 minutes was excellent stress relief.  If you like molasses, and want to try a traditional New England bread, I highly recommend it.

I also finally finished the three baby blankets that I've been working on.  A few years ago, I knit a pair of matching blankets for a friend who had twin boys.  The original blankets have been much loved and are pretty worn out.  And, according to their mother, the boys were brokenhearted that the blankets were literally threadbare.  So, she asked if I would make two more.  "Absolutely," I said.  Easier said than done.  Turns out, stores don't stock that yarn anymore and the binding's been discontinued.  Thankfully, the Internet has sources, and those sources have things like yarn and binding.  She ordered the supplies, I tried to remember how I made them the first time, and, once I finally got my act together, these are the results:

ImageAnother friend recently had a baby girl, and I wanted to make her a blanket, too.  I found the most awesomely soft fleece-y yarn that was super easy to work with.  I'm tempted to knit a similar blanket for my son:

ImageTonight, I have plans to write Christmas cards, finish up a super-secret sewing project, and watch romantic Christmas comedies...and cross a few more things off that never-ending to-do list.