Friday Fun Facts

I'm going to try to write a post every Friday with 5 fun facts.  This week, I'll share the first 5 random things that pop into my head. 1.  I was attacked by a raccoon in college.  In a frat house.  And there wasn't even a party going on.  It was a random weeknight during the summer, and I was dropping off some paperwork for a co-worker.  Angry raccoons hiss like nobody's business.  And I'm very grateful to my mid-shin high boots.  They saved me from rabies shots.

2.  My son's first three words were: Daddy, Hey, and Cheese.  Occasionally, there's a Momomom thrown in to the mix, but I'm not entirely sure he's referring to me.

3.  I have a fear of raisins.  It has to do with a really horrific cartoon on Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood.  I've tried You-Tubing it, and I can't find it.  But I can still picture it like it was yesterday.

4.  I haven't bought myself a pair of shoes (excluding flip-flops/slippers) in almost 2 years.

5.  Sour cream is my favorite condiment.

*Tomorrow is Letter Writing Day.  Early reminder to gather your pens, cards & stamps.  Share some mailbox love by sending a hand-written letter!