Quick Updates

I haven't fallen off the Earth!  Gravity is doing its job.  This week has been incredibly busy, so I haven't had much time to blog.  To highlight just a few of the things keeping me busy:

1. Teething toddler with a 15 month check-up.  All systems go + 3 more teeth ready to appear any day now.

2. Consulting projects...document revision, presentation building, lunch meeting with a vendor.

3.  Halloween costume done.  1 out of 3 baby blankets knitted.

4.  New manuscript idea outlined and ~4000 words in.  Working on finding some primary sources to amp up my details. 

5.  Cell phone service out for an entire week!  Just came back yesterday.  Internet down for a few hours, too.  More grey hairs!

Another busy week of parties, play groups, work, and chocolate!  Looking forward for a sugar-fueled change of pace.