Twisted Titles: A Book by Any Other Name

I've seen a lot of posts in the last few days having to do with word selection, naming, and picking catchy titles.  One of the posts I read had a blip about one of my all-time book/movie favorites: Shoeless Joe/Field of Dreams.  It turns out that W.P. Kinsella wanted to name the book The Dream Field but the publisher wanted Shoeless Joe.  Ironically, the movie execs didn't like the title and had it changed to Field of Dreams for the film.   

It got me thinking about titles of famous works and some tongue-in-cheek "Twisted Titles" examples of what might have been if indiscriminate synonym usage occurred... 

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ~ Feline on Spicy Shingles

A Tale of Two Cities ~ A Chronicle of Multiple Densely Populated Metro Areas

The Lord of the Rings ~ The Leader of the Bands

And Then There Were None ~ After a While, Zilch

A Midsummer Night's Dream ~ A Summer Solstice Post-Twilight's Fantasy

The "Twisted Titles" I came up with would have failed big-time; selecting a catchy title is essential for success. 

I'd love to see what "Twisted Titles" you can come up with!  Please share!