Mondays are Ruff

Image Mondays are the hardest day of the week for our two beagles, Doc (Holiday) and Wyatt (Earp).  The fun starts about 6:30 am, when the first Waste Management truck rumbles into our development.  Soon after, two school buses squeak by.  And then the recycling truck.  By 10 am, you'd think that they'd barked themselves hoarse, but no...they're just getting started.  There's still the Waste Management truck that stops down the street for a mid-morning break, and then the one that comes around for yard waste.  And, the day wouldn't be complete without greeting the Mailman, or the UPS guy, or the FEDEX truck.  Top it off with the afternoon school buses, the older gentlemen who takes mid-afternoon strolls, and the neighborhood kids...and you have what I like to call a Ruff Monday.

We do our best to keep them from barking too much, but they're beagles.  Barking is as much a part of them as their white-tipped tails.

Today has been extra special for Doc and Wyatt because there's a new dog in the yard next door to greet, a squirrel who's been dashing through the backyard with an apparent death wish, and a bunny who enjoys teasing them from the other side of the invisible fence.  Even in the house, they're on edge today, yipping and yapping to go out and bark.  Yup.  Monday's are Ruff.