Bring on the Flannel...

It's starting to feel like autumn.  Hurray for golden days with a slight nip in the air.  It's the perfect weather to curl up with a good book and a warm cup of chai tea, and throw on some fuzzy slippers.  Welcome back comfy foot accoutrements. 

There was such a nice chill in the air that I decided to postpone taking a red pen to my latest project, and instead knead up a few batches of bread.  The Zucchini Quickbreads are in the oven, the Pretzel Buns are proofing on the counter, and the over-night Pilgrim Bread is doing it's thing hidden under a tea towel in the dark recesses of my counter.  I don't actually know the official name of the bread that has to sit 12-18 hours to proof.  The recipe has only a few ingredients and the description was simple enough that I immediately imagined an old stone oven baking up the loaf a la Plymouth Plantation.  I've only made one of the recipes before, so we'll see how they turn out.  Fingers crossed and mouth watering.

As the smell of fresh bread and spiced tea permeate the house, I plan on arming myself with a red pen.  Manuscript be warned: I am coming for you, and plenty of red ink will be spilled.