About Katrina

My husband and I are the proud parents of a 5-year-old ball of energy who love sports, books, and science, and a 1-year-old giggle monster. My father-in-law lives with us, and helps manage our menagerie of kids and dogs.

Most days, I work from home as my alter-ego, Chemistry Girl. I wish I had a super-hero cape and a cool symbol. I don't even wear a lab coat or goggles (although I have a few lying around, just in case...). Mostly, I write A LOT of technical reports, spend time reviewing data, and chairing Expert Panels. I tend to geek out at science stuff. My favorite element is Tungsten. And a not-so-secret secret: I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

I also write fiction (contemporary and Regency romance) and the occasional poem. I like the creativity (and being free from all the third-person, passive voice, past tense technical requirements). I overuse commas and adverbs, and then I edit.

In what spare time I have left, I read (1+ book/week goal), garden, sew, cook, and do a horrible job of keeping the house clean. I love chai tea, hate capers (the food kind, not the fun kind), and prefer grey to gray (it just looks prettier that way).

This blog is a mixture of all my interests: literary, music, food, and anything that strikes my fancy. Welcome and Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

Literary representation by Jordan Hamessley at New Leaf Literary.

Short Bio

Katrina grew up in New Hampshire, and has a love for literature and science. She studied biochemistry in college before moving to the Midwest for graduate school, where she earned her Ph.D. in chemistry. Continuing her journey to the West Coast, Katrina lives in an active household that includes her husband, two children, father-in-law, and their rascally pups. She works as a technical consultant, and writes YA and adult contemporary and historical fiction. Katrina loves chai tea, traveling, trying out new recipes, music, and crafting.


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Writing Awards

2018 Sheila Contest Finalist

2018 Indiana Golden Opportunity Finalist